About Sarah

Sarah Birnbach

I have just begun my “encore career” as a writer and author, after a 10-year career in banking, 7 years as a family therapist, and 34 years as a human resource management consultant.

I have had many relationships on my life journey – parents, grandparents, two amazing sisters, two husbands (one of whom I left along the way), two amazing children and seven beautiful grandchildren, several therapists, and many dear friends and colleagues.  But my stalwart companion for over 45 years – the one that’s been available to me 24 hours a day, has never taken a sick day and goes with me on my vacations – has been my journals.

My journals do not judge. I can tell them anything – my darkest thoughts, my cherished dreams, my rantings, my sadnesses, my joys – and I can be funny, serious, thoughtful, crazed, inspired, profound or mean.  Journaling has enabled me to work through my fears, tough life decisions, relationship challenges, and to make sense of my experiences.

Along the way, I received my credential as a Certified Journal Therapist and Certified Journal Facilitator in 2011 from the Center for Journal Therapy, the premier center for teaching others to use the power of writing for healing, growth and change.  Prior to that certification, I was also certified as an instructor for the Journal to the Self® program.  The Center for Journal Therapy was started in 1988 by Kathleen Adams, whose book, Journal to the Self, is a classic that has helped define the field of journaling.

My journals have always been steadfast, but never did they support me more than in the year after my father died.  They traveled my journey through grief and became the foundation for my recently completed memoir.  My book relates the ways I used the power of prayer, community and journaling to heal through loss.  Click here to explore various excerpts from my memoir.

My focus in this stage of my career is to share the transformative power of journaling so you and others can use this easily accessible, inexpensive tool to navigate your life’s challenges and become your best self.