Combating Racism – The For The People Act (H.R.1)

This past Thursday, both chambers of Florida’s legislature passed an election overhaul bill that would limit the use of drop boxes; add more identification requirements for those requesting absentee ballots; require voters to request an absentee ballot for each election, rather than receive them automatically through an absentee voting list; limit who could collect and...
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Combating Racism – Standing For Justice

Lady Justice, originated from Justitia, the goddess of Justice in Roman mythology. She is intended to represent the morality of the justice system. Many modern depictions of Lady Justice show her holding the sword in her left hand and scale in the right hand. The pair of balance scales represent the obligation of the law to weigh the evidence...
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Combating Racism – The Tuskegee Airmen

When I went to my gym to work out on Friday morning, the man at the check-in desk, Charles, was wearing the above t-shirt. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, I was fascinated by it. What I learned peaked my interest. Charles’ grandfather, Charles DeBow, was one of thirteen Black cadets to start...
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Combating Racism – Good News and Bad News


This past Monday, President Biden’s administration extended the federal eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021. The moratorium had been scheduled to end this past Wednesday, March 31st. The extension and enforcement of the moratorium will help keep millions of renters stably housed during the pandemic and prevent further spread of and deaths from COVID-19. In...
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Combating Racism – Acknowledging Women’s History Month

Black residents of Montgomery, Alabama, waiting for rides to work during the bus boycott, protesting racial segregation on the public bus system. Photo taken in 1956 by Dan Weiner; copyright John Broderick

Many people know the names Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Sojourner Truth, but many other exceptional Black woman...
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Combating Racism – Combating Voter Suppression – Part 2

Last week I wrote about the passage of H.B. 531 in the Georgia House of Representatives and S.B. 241 which passed the Georgia State Senate earlier this month. Provisions of these two bills include:
  • Reducing the number of voting precincts
  • Requiring photo ID for mail-in ballots
  • Ending no-excuse absentee voting
  • Disposing ballots cast in the wrong...
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Combating Racism – Combating Voter Suppression – Part 1

How many picture ID’s do you have? Maybe you have a state-issued driver’s license? Or an employer-issued photo ID? Or maybe you have a passport? But what if you don’t drive and don’t have a driver's license? What if you work in a low-wage job where your employer doesn’t require a photo ID? And what if you have barely enough money...
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Combating Racism – Combating Evictions

A man sits with his son and a sign asking for money near an upscale hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. Ted S. Warren/The Associated Press

“Evictions?” you might ask. “I thought there was a moratorium on evictions.” And you would be right. Currently, President Biden and the CDC have extended the moratorium, prohibiting landlords nationwide from evicting...
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