A Daughter’s Kaddish — Book Discussion Questions

What do you think motivated the author to share her story? What ideas do you think she was trying to get across?

What did the author learn at the end of her journey? What lessons did she carry away when her mourning period ended?

How important was the author’s journaling practice to the writing of this book? If you have ever kept a journal, how did it help you?

What rituals have you created, or might you create to acknowledge a loss in your life or the lives of others?

We never cease being the child of our parents. How does this play out in the life of the author? How does this play out in your life?

The author shifted roles from being the child to being the parent throughout the book. Discuss some of these instances.

The author’s relationship with each parent was very different. To what extent do you think the author’s experience is typical or atypical of that of other women?

Members of a family often see things differently. How does this play a role in this story?

The author shares many Jewish mourning rituals. Which had the greatest meaning for you? Are there rituals that have brought similar significance to you at the death of a loved one?

This book is about the author’s journey of saying Kaddish, but it’s also about her determination to restructure her life around her commitment to her father and her prayer practice.  How did the concept of “intention” factor into her commitment? Are there areas in your life where you could show this same dedication?

There were times during her journey when the author felt marginalized and rebuffed by her community. To what extent did these situations resonate with you? When, if ever, have you been in similar situations?

The author searched to find her footing in unfamiliar situations and places. How have you gotten grounded when you have been in unfamiliar situations and places?

The author finds solace in the friendships formed with her fellow minyaneers. Where have you experienced the comfort of being in a group that came together from a shared experience?

After reading this memoir, what has stayed with you the most? What elements of the story do you relate with on a personal level?

What’s the most valuable piece of information you will carry with you from reading A Daughter’s Kaddish and how do you think it will remain meaningful for you going forward?

Are there lingering questions from the book you’re still thinking about? If so, what are they?

Share a favorite line or passage from this story.  Why did this stand out to you?