Monthly Archives: May 2021

Combating Racism – More Progress Is Needed

As a privileged white woman, I looked at progress that has been made to combat racism in the year since George Floyd’s murder as a glass half full, and wrote last week’s newsletter from that perspective. But since then, I’ve wondered, thanks to a conversation with a trusted Black friend, if I were a Black woman,...
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Combating Racism – Honoring George Floyd

This Tuesday will mark the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder and the anniversary of my changing my Best Self blog posts to Combating Racism blog posts.  Since May 25, 2020, Floyd’s death has sparked global protests about racial inequality and police brutality, and renewed pledges from some to fight racism. In this newsletter, I highlight...
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Combating Racism – Unveiling Injustice


Bruce Bartman is a 70-year-old man from Delaware County, Pennsylvania who, in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, illegally registered his dead mother and dead mother-in-law as Republicans. He used an old driver's license number to request the mail-in ballot for his mother and then used...
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Combating Racism – Combating Voter Suppression – Part 4

According to an article from the May 5, 2021 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “In recent months, we’ve seen politicians at every level of government increasingly work to suppress the vote in communities of color. In the wake of the January 6th insurrection, hundreds of voter suppression bills are being promoted . . .” According to the...
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Combating Racism – The For The People Act (H.R.1)

This past Thursday, both chambers of Florida’s legislature passed an election overhaul bill that would limit the use of drop boxes; add more identification requirements for those requesting absentee ballots; require voters to request an absentee ballot for each election, rather than receive them automatically through an absentee voting list; limit who could collect and...
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