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Keeping Anxiety At Bay

In recent weeks, we’ve all seen or read about the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the tanking of the economy, the increased numbers of people who have tested positive for the disease, the rising death toll from coronavirus, and the huge numbers of people out of work.

I am, by nature, an optimist and I know...
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Reach Out Your Heart

The poem below was sent to me by two different friends, so you may have already seen it. But I’m passing it on because it’s an important reminder to all of us to reach out to others as we stay socially isolated in these uncertain, frightening and anxiety-producing times.

  Pandemic What if you thought of it as the...
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You Don’t Need to Wait to Start Improving the World

I recently did something I typically don’t do – I went to see a movie after I’d read the book.

Often I find the movie to be a disappointment after reading the words on the page. And if I’ve seen the movie first, I typically won’t go back and read the book. But this time I...
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The Dash

On December 18th my mother died. Exactly four weeks later, a beloved colleague died in his sleep. At the second funeral, the funeral director read this poem, which had been shared with me by my rabbi 19 years ago on the death of my father. I had tucked it away in a file that I call...
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I Would Be A Crock Pot

For years I taught interviewing skills to groups of managers and executives -- behavioral interview questions that focus on past performance, the best predictor of future performance. I would conduct “mock” job interviews in which I played the role of the applicant and took actual interview questions from the group. Often I would be asked, “If...
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7 Loving Things

Valentine's Day is a very special time of the year for love and self love.

So, for Week 6 of my 52-Week Best Self Program, I posted a quote by David Wilkerson, pastor of the non-denominational Time Square Church in New York City.

“Love is not only something you feel, it is something...

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Journaling Approaches

There are many ways to fill a journal. Some of the approaches that I encourage are: Sprint Suggesting a subject or providing a prompt (questions and/or thought starters) and specifying a time for the write. When we have a time limit, our brains feel a sense of pressure and Sarah finds they work harder. It also reassures...
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Why Keep a Journal?



There are many ways to fill a journal. Some of the approaches that I’ll be encouraging over this next year are:   Sprint   I’ll suggest a subject or provide a prompt (questions and/or thought starters) and specify a time for the write. When we have a time limit, our brains feel a sense...
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Sarah’s Encore Career – A Leap Of Faith

After three successful careers spanning four decades -- as an operations manager and bank  Vice President, a licensed clinical social worker working with families involved in the juvenile justice system, and a human resource management consultant helping individuals and organizations to be more successful – I have taken a leap of faith to shift my...
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