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Combating Racism – Lynchings Part 2 – Northern States

WARNING: The information and photos in this newsletter can be upsetting. Lynchings were not unique to Southern states, but as the chart below indicates, the number of lynchings in non-Southern states is significantly less than those in the South. The Great Migration brought tens of thousands of African Americans to northern industrial cities. The growing Black population created...
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Combating Racism – Violence Part 3 – Lynchings in the South

The lynching problem / Dalrymple, 1899. Courtesy: Library of Congress

"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

~ Maya Angelou, On the Pulse of Morning

WARNING: The information in this newsletter may be upsetting and potentially traumatizing. DISCLAIMER: In researching material for...
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Combating Racism – Understanding Racial Violence – Part 2

EDITORIAL NOTE: In last week's newsletter, the sub-heading 1868 – OPELOUSAS, GEORGIA should have been OPELOUSAS, LOUISIANA. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, an opinion piece in The Washington Post by Walter Greason entitled, “We must honor those lost to violent racism,” inspired me to learn more about the history of racial violence in our country,...
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Combating Racism – Reforming the Cash Bail System


On any given day, nearly half a million people languish in jail cells across America, waiting for their criminal cases to move forward, severed from their lives and communities even though they have not been convicted of a crime. People in pretrial detention now make up more than 2/3 of America’s jail population. They...
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